About Us

Our vision is to Accelerate Philanthropic Impact.

Our mission is to invest in the greater good by uniting inspired capital with great investors.

Crewcial Partners was originally founded in 1980 and has largely served non-profit institutions since that time. As an independent firm, with no other products or lines of business, we are singularly focused on our clients’ needs.

Our Leadership

We have assembled a formidable group of talented professionals whose shared base of empathy forges their dedication to one another and their desire to service philanthropic missions through purposeful investment advice. 

Critically, ours is a diverse team that actively pursues better results by building portfolios that capitalize on diversity by ethnicity, gender, age and location. This is an uncommon approach that critically contributes to our uncommon outcomes.

Dine Grullon

Chief Executive Officer

Milinda Ceglia

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Miller

Chief Investment Officer

Kenisha Duplechain

Chief Compliance Officer

Patricia Wortham

Chief Human Resources Officer

Matt Van Kirk

Board Member

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” – Isaac Asimov

The unprecedented lawlessness and terrorism that has taken place in our nation’s capital on January 6th is not the way to resolve differences.

Peaceful protest and debate are the bedrock of the significant historical changes that have allowed the U.S. to be a model democratic republic for nations around the Earth. What we have witnessed is regrettable and should be condemned in no uncertain terms by all who respect and abide our laws. It pains me to view the unnecessary violence perpetuated by political differences….we are so much better than this. Please know that this too shall pass and we will persevere as a nation.

Our firm was recently voted as the most diverse in our industry. You, our crew, stands as evidence of the benefits of having a crew that embraces the different. Be proud of ‘you’ and how you represent this nation as its best.

We should recognize that these events serve as a clear reminder of the degree of progress still needed. We remain committed to investing in the greater good.

Stay safe!