Our Philosophy

Accelerating philanthropic impact demands uncommon outcomes and are unlikely to be achieved through that which is comfortable or popular. Our approach to portfolio construction and research is guided by this principle.

Expert Team

A portfolio is a team of investors, each with their own perspective and area of focus.   Our strategy embraces meaningful differences to fuel long-term return and expand the scenarios where portfolios can reach their goals.

Different by Design

We see our differences as a source of strength and balance executed through a global research effort without limits. Portfolios are built to capitalize on the benefits that accrue from meaningful diversity across ethnicity, gender, geography, age and life experience.

Forward Looking

Investment outcomes are cyclical, yet many assume the opposite and reach conclusions looking backwards. We set a high bar for all analysis but do so by placing history in context and envisioning a future where results differ meaningfully. This approach demands patience and conviction built from a deep understanding of the people and strategies employed across client portfolios.

Accept Risk

Investment outcomes depend on an unknowable future – we avoid seeking false comfort by pretending otherwise. Instead, we accept risk and work to moderate its impact through meaningful diversification while also embracing the opportunities created by the risk aversion of others.

Unique Access

Opportunities can be found in many places and we strive to find them and in so doing provide our clients with access to smaller firms, first time funds and those that are difficult to access.   This effort is fueled by the collective and patient commitment of Crewcial and its clients to long-term outcomes and the benefits of diversification in its many forms.

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” – Isaac Asimov

The unprecedented lawlessness and terrorism that has taken place in our nation’s capital on January 6th is not the way to resolve differences.

Peaceful protest and debate are the bedrock of the significant historical changes that have allowed the U.S. to be a model democratic republic for nations around the Earth. What we have witnessed is regrettable and should be condemned in no uncertain terms by all who respect and abide our laws. It pains me to view the unnecessary violence perpetuated by political differences….we are so much better than this. Please know that this too shall pass and we will persevere as a nation.

Our firm was recently voted as the most diverse in our industry. You, our crew, stands as evidence of the benefits of having a crew that embraces the different. Be proud of ‘you’ and how you represent this nation as its best.

We should recognize that these events serve as a clear reminder of the degree of progress still needed. We remain committed to investing in the greater good.

Stay safe!