Our vision is to create...

"A world where, one day, all non-profits have the resources to achieve their vision."

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Our Story

We make a difference.

Crewcial Partners is an independent investment advisory and OCIO firm focused on providing customized investment advice to non-profit institutions. This focus has been core to our firm since it was founded in 1980.

Our firm’s evolution over the past 40 years includes expanding our scope of research from exclusively US to international, building out a robust private-assets team, developing a comprehensive diverse-manager discovery process, and anticipating and developing solutions to the ever-expanding requirements and concerns of our clients, from Investment Policy Statements to critical administrative responsibilities.

This work gives us the opportunity to make a difference. It was true 40 years ago when we began our journey with our first client, the Salvation Army, and it’s true today. The opportunity to serve non-profit institutions is a role we are proud and honored to fulfill.

We are your trusted partners.

We are a 100% employee-owned, boutique-style investment firm. At the core of our firm is our Investment Team, tasked with providing our clients with the prudent guidance and exceptional service they need to meet their investment objectives.

Our experience with non-profit institutions allows our team to provide expertise tailored to the issues and objectives important to each individual client.

The work of our investment team is supported and supplemented by a robust infrastructure that includes our Investment Coordination Team, Performance and Analytics Team, and Technology and Software Development Groups. These teams are structured to meet a broad range of needs, from completing investment paperwork and transitions to providing accurate, timely, and informative reporting backed by our proprietary database.

Through our collaborative client partnerships, we have developed a comprehensive offering for our clients that goes well beyond portfolio construction. We offer services such as incorporating DEI and ESG components into client portfolios, developing donor educational forums, undertaking custodian searches, and implementing consulting and due diligence on managers brought to us by a client’s Investment Committee, to name a few.

Our unwavering commitment to our clients’ successes means that we continually raise the bar to meet the full scope of your goals.

Our Story

We put clients first, always

Our firm’s philosophy starts with our vision to create a world where all non-profits have the resources to achieve their visions.

Our mission is to partner with non-profits to invest their capital in ways that serve their goals and expand their impact. Our commitment is to put our clients first, always.

Crewcial is a boutique investment firm by design; open collaboration among all team members enables us to deliver complete and customized solutions.

This approach encourages many perspectives and leverages the diversity of thought within our firm.It informs our best ideas across manager selection, employee development, and fortifying our commitment to give back to our community.

Crewcial’s investment team is the heart of the company. This team provides the foundation from which our approach shapes every department, and enables us to deliver exceptional investment results to our clients.

Our core values


We serve our clients so they can serve their mission.

At Crewcial, we put the mission and vision of our clients first; our relationships are about so much more than fiduciary responsibility. Our holistic services enable our clients to make confident, informed decisions that are aligned with their unique objectives and needs.


We act as trusted advisors.

Since 1980, our culture has been centered around the trust our clients place in us to steward their capital. Crewcial’s deep experience in our chosen field is built on trust and understanding of diverse viewpoints. We believe that investing with integrity produces outcomes with exponential value.


We are determined to guide you through all market cycles.

Resolve is ingrained into everything we do. Crewcial builds, diversified and risk aligned portfolios that stand up to the challenges of the market. Our risk-adjusted, long-term approach means that our clients can stay the course with confidence. Our history and expertise in our field translates to time-tested strategies for our clients’ specific needs.


Diversity strengthens diversification.

Building an inclusive, equitable, and diverse team is integral to Crewcial’s culture. From our C suite to our roster of managers, we take the view that diversity is an essential component of a successful investment strategy. We treat diversity as urgently as proper diversification and it is a key ingredient of what makes Crewcial a unique and insightful partner.


We add value that results in high impact for local communities globally.

Crewcial’s value is in our vision. We envision a world where, one day, all non-profits have the resources to achieve their vision. Crewcial’s expertise in the world of non-profits means that we understand the potential impact of amplified investment performance. Crewcial’s specialized guidance for our client’s investment journeys produces far-reaching benefits to local and global communities.


We champion our clients to achieve the extraordinary.

Crewcial’s clients seek excellence in all they do and they can expect the same from us. That’s why Crewcial has honed our expertise as an advisor who can produce game-changing results for our clients. From client service, to research, to asset allocation, our clients receive the best of what Crewcial has to offer.

This alignment is why our clients choose Crewcial to be a collaborative partner when they find themselves at a turning point, seeking an investment firm with the passion to grow their inspired capital.

Clients we serve

Our clients have always consisted of public and private foundations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, community foundations, cultural & faith-based organizations, and families. Crewcial Partners has served endowments, foundations, and other non-profits, giving us a deep well of institutional knowledge to draw upon for every client.


  • Higher Education
  • Independent Schools
  • Other Endowments


  • Community Foundations
  • Private Foundations
  • Cultural Foundations
  • Healthcare Foundations


  • Corporate
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Faith-Based Non Profits